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Falcon Flutes features finely hand-crafted Native American style flutes by Dana Ross. Dana Ross has been handcrafting exceptional quality Native American Style flutes for over 15 years. Falcon Flutes are available in all keys and in a variety of octaves (pitches). Each flute receives the same level of attention, creating a well-playing, perfectly tuned, expressive instrument designed to be played, regardless of whether it is a standard flute, specialty flute or custom flute.

Click on the links above to explore the different flutes available. Check out the gallery for examples of previously crafted flutes and detailed flutes/birds/blocks. You can also find accessories and flute care supplies in the Accessories section. Musicians who use Falcon Flutes can be found in the Artists, Music and More section.

"I am dedicated to providing my customers with the best available handcrafted flute or drum at the most reasonable price possible. I take pride in crafting highly custom flutes out of all natural woods. I will use a combination of many woods to create the color combinations necessary to put real life into my creations. All flutes are crafted and finished to the utmost quality and are guanteed by me. They are impecably tuned to key/pitch under a controlled environment at 440Hz." - Dana Ross

Falcon Flutes are hand-crafted originals

Feel free to explore the site to discover what is available. Dana Ross makes every flute by himself, using techniques honed by over 15 years in the business. Falcon Flutes offers anything from standard flutes to highly customized flutes. You can also find some very unique original designs such as the Ohna and Trona flutes. One of the more popular flutes is the 12 hole triple flute which can be found on the Specialty Flutes page.

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